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» Seniors

We are already reminding you to apply for graduation! You have one year left to take full advantage of what UT offers to prepare you for a “life of learning” and a bright future. What have you always wished you had time to do at UT? What class has always interested you? Which professor have you wanted to get to know better? In what ways have you contributed to our local and global communities? Take the time to reflect on your experience and make a set of goals you want to accomplish before graduation. Use the links on this page to help you “plan for your success, plan for your future!”

Academic Curriculum


  • Schedule an appointment with your Career Services college consultant to develop a job search strategy
  • Research companies and start looking for opportunities at the beginning of the fall semester
  • Submit resumes to on-campus job postings through Hire-A-VOL. Follow up with other job postings in the system
  • Remember that you can use UT Career Services as an alumnus
  • Meet required deadlines for graduate school and create a back-up plan
  • Participate in Career Services’ job fairs throughout the year

Campus Involvement

  • Begin to leave your organizations and student communities better than you left them as younger members assume leadership positions
  • Continue to establish connections with professors, instructors, and staff members who encouraged you while at UT
  • Pursue volunteer opportunities that you didn’t have time for as a younger undergrad at UT, like alternative spring and fall break trips.

Civic Engagement/Service Learning

  • Consider broadening your perspectives on community and global issues through a Baker Center sponsored civic engagement project or independent study
  • Explore on and off campus opportunities for civic engagement

Undergraduate Research