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Academic coaching session

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What is an Academic Coach?

A personal meeting with one of our Academic Coaches is one of the best ways to personalize your education and get you on track academically.

Together you will put into action learning and life management strategies, enhancing your success at UT. It’s as simple as making a phone call or stopping by. Academic Coaches are here to help YOU.

Remember, SSC Coaches are not academic advisors. Conversations with your advisors will focus on planning curriculum and meeting requirements whereas dialogue with an Academic Coach allows space for everything in between, like learning strategies and life management skills.

Why should I meet with a Coach?

Meeting with a Coach is comfortable, low-maintenance, and low-drama. It’s a chance for you to talk about your own experience at UT, in and out of the classroom. You’ll be listened to and taken seriously. Also, SSC data shows that students who meet with an Academic Coach regularly increase their chances of academic success.

In addition to helping you design strategies tailored to your specific situation, your Coach keeps abreast of UT policies and might be aware of options you had not previously considered. Students typically meet with a coach based upon the time of year or issues that emerge in their academic lives.

Timely meetings with a Coach

  • First of the semester to review your course load and devise strategies to attack your work.
  • Mid-semester, as you’ve settled into your classes and are aware of long term assignment dates
  • End of the semester, to sharpen your focus on your remaining work.

Issue-based meetings with a Coach




Academic Coaching


alarm clockSchedule an Appointment

You can set an appointment with an Academic Coach by calling or stopping by the Student Success Center. You can also make an appointment on Grades First. Click here for instructions.

Our Coaches are available Monday through Friday at your convIenience.  Appointments usually run about 30 minutes and are tailored to meet your needs.