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If you want to have fun, meet new people, improve your interpersonal and communication skills, self-confidence, and understanding of a subject area, tutoring might be the job for you!

How To Apply

  • Complete a tutor application
  • Email a resume and a copy of your academic history here
  • In your e-mail, also include the name of a faculty/staff member who recommends you to tutor. Include names for each course in which you wish to tutor


  • Currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at the UTK
  • Meet employment criteria of the University of Tennessee
  • Have a B average or better in each course wishing to tutor
  • Have successfully completed 24 cumulative hours at UTK
  • Interview with the Assistant Director for Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Learning Assistance.
  • Complete tutor training

Key Responsibilities

  • Encourage students to become independent learners through questioning and assessment
  • Adhere to work schedule
  • Tutor registered students
  • Check email and/or file for departmental correspondence
  • Communicate schedule changes, concerns, issues with supervisor
  • Complete paper work (Logs, Sign-in/Sign-out sheets, Timesheets, etc.)
  • Create a positive academic learning environment
  • Uphold rules and policies of the center
  • Communicate rules and policies to tutees
  • Continually review subject content
  • Assist in office duties as requested for the Tutoring Program