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Doug Renalds


Specializes in Academic Coaching, Success Workshops, Academic Probation, Dismissal, & Appeals

What do you enjoy most about working with UT undergrads?

Their personalities, creativity, and commitment they’ve made to education thus far in their lives.

What is the most important advice you would give new students?
On the one hand be an individual, your best and truest self, not conforming to peers or pop culture; but on the other hand, be teachable, willing to expand yourself and your talents.

What is your favorite place on campus?
That’s easy. It’s the T-RECS racquetball courts.

Where is your top study spot on campus?
To study? The T-RECS racquetball courts are not a good place to study.  They’re busy, loud, and you’ll find yourself at cross purposes with the people you meet there.  So I would recommend the 3rd floor of the Library where you can find personal desks for quiet individual study and also public tables for group study.

Why should students take advantage of the ASC?
It’s a comfortable place to talk with people who care about your grades and your success at UT, and can help you get (or stay) on the right track.


Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Master’s of Theological Study