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DEI Committee for Academic Advising & Student Success


The DEI Committee for Academic Advising and Student Success at UT, Knoxville will serve as a committee formed to create and offer varied opportunities of professional growth and development centered around topics of diversity, equity and inclusion for the academic advising and student success communities at UT, Knoxville. 


The primary role of the DEI committee will be to: 

  • Serve, with the guidance of the AVP for Student Success, to offer opportunities of professional development that address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Plan the annual fall discussion and spring book club series. 
  • Plan additional opportunities for retreats, webinar viewings, and additional opportunities of development. 

Areas of Focus 

  • Fall discussion series 
  • Spring book club series 
  • Programmatic evaluation 

Committee Membership Expectations 

Members of the committee are expected to: 

  • Serve for a term of one year as appointed by Associate Vice Provost for Student Success with supervisor approval; re-appointment available. 
  • Attend the regular scheduled committee meetings. 
  • Facilitate discussions that take place during the fall and spring series.
  • Be dedicated to the areas of focus of the committee. 

Benefits of Membership 

  • Give back: Opportunity to share professional expertise, insights, and experiences. 
  • Work with peers: Experience valuable networking opportunities.
  • Strategic Dialogue: Engage in strategic dialogue and participate in robust discussions that will help shape efforts to support diversity, equity and inclusion development for the academic advising and student success communities. 
  • Sharpen leadership skills: Participate in committee work and sharpen leadership skills in a supportive environment.