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Women-Identifying Students

As a woman entering the workforce, you may find yourself dealing with a unique set of challenges in your job search such as gender inequality in workplace hiring, interactions, pay and promotions.

CCDAE Commitment

  • As staff and aspiring allies, the Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration strives to: Honor each unique interpretation of self/gender to its fullest; Make as few assumptions as possible, and Approach every person with a kind heart and sincere intention.

Support on Campus

Researching Internships, Jobs, Opportunities and More

    • InHerSight is a website that rates employers on how supportive they are for the women who work there. This can be another useful data point to help you decide whether a company might be a good fit for you.
  • Illegal Interview Questions
    • There are certain questions employers may not ask you in an interview. This includes questions about your family or marital status, pregnancy (current or planned), and your spouse’s occupation, just to name a few. 
  • Questions to Ask About Gender Equality 
    • What is the ratio of women and non-binary folks to men at the company?
    • What percentage of these people hold executive/managerial positions? 
    • Does the company have any diversity initiatives or a commitment to gender equality on its website or in the media?

Evaluating Potential Employers and Resources Beyond Campus

  • While it may be difficult to determine how truly supportive any organization is, and if its commitment to recruiting is matched with its commitment to retention, proactively exploring some of the following key indicators can give you a sense of their values. 
    • Wage Project
      • Inspires and helps working women to take the steps that are needed so that every woman is paid what she deserves.
    • Women for Hire
      • Women for Hire offers signature career fairs, an exceptional professional online network, speeches and seminars, customized marketing programs, an online job board and more.
    • BCW Network
      • Black Career Women’s Network (BCWN) is a national career development organization dedicated to fostering the professional growth of Black women.
    • Career Contessa
      • An online career resource that addresses the unique challenges facing women. Access free resources like articles, company profiles and Q&A interviews.
  • Negotiating Offers
    • One persistent fact in the U.S. is the pay gap between men and women who work full-time. Women working full-time in 2020 earned 82 percent of what men earned. 
    • Tips for a successful salary negotiation
      • Do your research, and get a true sense of what the job might pay. Websites like and Glassdoor can assist in the search as well as talking to those you know who may be informed
      • Determine the pay range in which you would be happy, and see where this overlaps with the realistic salary range of the position.
      • Wait for the employer to bring up salary, and when they do begin the negotiation stating, “But I was really hoping for…” When they counteroffer assess the mood and room for further negotiation.
      • Don’t stop there, continue to negotiate for extras like moving expenses or more vacation time. Worst case scenario is they say no, so don’t hesitate!