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New Division of Student Success Members


Honors & Scholars Programs

Travis Holsapple

Travis Holsapple
Academic Affairs Coordinator

Prior to joining Honors & Scholars, Travis worked as an undergraduate graduation specialist within the Office of the University Registrar here at UT. Travis is especially passionate about the Honors & Scholars experience because of his participation in a scholar program during his undergraduate studies.

His main responsibilities will include:

  • Oversight of scholar electronic portfolios
  • Data management for honors academic affairs initiatives
  • Curricular oversight of UNHO 101

A native of Oklahoma, Travis loves traveling, documentaries, and relaxing with his dog.

Gallup Strengths: Individualization, Analytical, Developer, Relator, Empathy

Xylina Marshall

Xylina Marshall
Honors Admissions Coordinator

Xylina returns to Honors & Scholars having previously been the communications coordinator for the department. She graduated from the university in 2016 and was a member of the Chancellor’s Honors Program.

Xylina’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment of high-achieving students to Honors & Scholars programs
  • Development of programs to cultivate future honors students
  • Advisement of the Honors Ambassadors

Gallup Strengths: Adaptability, Includer, Woo, Restorative, Input

Avery Miller

Avery D. Miller
Academic Affairs Coordinator

Avery is joining Honors & Scholars as the academic affairs coordinator for research and transitions from the Academic Success Center. She has had diverse roles in higher education, including collaborating with tenure-track faculty to complete their research and academic agenda, guiding scholars through the research process, and working as an academic advocate and coach. Avery employs a multi-pronged, holistic approach to student success. She currently serves as the campus advisor for UT’s chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society and seeks to create a community of trust and belonging among scholars.

Her main responsibilities include:

  • Coaching scholars on involvement in undergraduate research and working with them on individualized plans for completing their honors thesis/capstone
  • Developing and managing processes for honors capstone/thesis
  • Recruiting faculty for and overseeing the implementation of honors interdisciplinary general education courses

Gallup Strengths: Learner, Developer, Strategic, Individualization, Restorative

Kristin Tocci

Kristin Tocci
Assistant Director for Haslam Scholars Program

Kristin Tocci (Toss-ee) joins the Honors & Scholars team as the assistant director for the Haslam Scholars Program. She has previously worked in admissions, academic advising, and study abroad advising in Illinois, Florida, Washington, and UT. Kristin is a first-generation scholar who is passionate about helping each and every scholar build meaningful connections and relationships, discover resources and opportunities to maximize success, feel valued, and experience a true sense of belonging.

Kristin will oversee the day-to-day management of the Haslam Scholars Program and serve as the four-year academic coach for all Haslam scholars.

She is originally from Florida and loves traveling, going on road trips and mini adventures, food, mountains and beaches, and her dog, Ollie.

Gallup Strengths: Responsibility, Relator, Achiever, Arranger, Developer