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New Student Advising

All new students participate in New Student Advising. During your advising appointment, you’ll meet one-on-one with an academic advisor in your college via Zoom. Your advisor will provide more details on course selection, the academic catalog, and the course registration process.

Once you register for New Vol Orientation, your academic college will reach out to you directly with your appointment time and Zoom link. You will not be allowed to participate in advising until you’ve officially completed your orientation registration. 

Preparing for New Student Advising

UT takes advising seriously, and there is an expectation that students take it seriously as well. Advisors may ask students to reschedule their appointment if certain guidelines are not met.

NOTE: All advising appointments are referenced in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Be sure to make the conversion to your local time if you are located in a different time zone.

To ensure the most positive and productive advising experience, your academic advisor strongly recommends that all new Vols follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure you can login to your MyUTK and Tennessee Zoom accounts using your UT NetID and password at least one business day prior to your appointment.
  • It is recommended that you use a computer rather than a phone or tablet due to screen-sharing features.
    • Please make sure that you are using either Chrome or Firefox.
  • Observe appropriate Zoom etiquette:
    • Find a quiet, stationary location (please do not be in a moving vehicle) for your appointment, free of distractions.
    • Dress appropriately and offer your undivided attention.
  • In addition to learning more about your major and creating a personalized academic plan, you will register for classes during your appointment.
    • Please be aware that this is a professional meeting.  You will need to be prepared to take notes, ask questions, and participate.
    • Please limit distractions – do not be at work, the pool, in the car, your bed, etc. Your advisor reserves the right to have you reschedule your advising appointment if you are not prepared.
    • Come prepared to plan for your first semester at UT (we will plan future terms with you at a later time).
  • Keep your original appointment, if at all possible.  If you must reschedule, advisors will do their best to help, but it may be later in the summer.
  • While we greatly appreciate and encourage family support and involvement, advising appointments are designed to be a 1-on-1 experience between you and your advisor.

Advising FAQs:

Please contact for any New Student Advising appointment questions or concerns.

Note: Rescheduling your session may delay your ability to meet with your advisor. You will only be able to reschedule for dates based on current availability.

It depends on your academic college! However, we encourage you to block off most of the day so you’re able to participate in all sessions your college might require, including your one-on-one appointment.

We recognize some family members might want to join their student during the virtual advising process. However, we ask that students participate in virtual advising alone. If family members have questions they want answered, we encourage them to share those with their student ahead of time. This is an important time for new students to establish a relationship with their advisor, and we appreciate our new family members’ understanding and commitment to their student’s academic success!