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Avery Miller, Ph.D.

Academic Coach


What do you enjoy most about working with UT undergrads?

Their openness to new experiences; their wide-eye wonder; their perspective. 

What is the most important advice you would give to new students?

There is more than one way to skin a cat—i.e., there are many paths to success; choose the path that is right for you, your unique qualities, strengths, and ever-evolving abilities. 

What is your favorite place on campus?

I love to go on walks around campus, to discover a new corner I never previously experienced. 

Why should students take advantage of the ASC?

Our services are not the only resources on campus but they provide a solid foundation to a successful academic career; our resources have the potential to positively transform any scholar's approach to learning.  


Associate of Arts in Biology; Broward College
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Florida Atlantic University
Master of Education in Educational Psychology; Texas Tech University
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology with a Concentration in Human Development and Learning Sciences; Texas Tech University