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Jacqueline Gonzalez

Student Success Ambassadors


Major: Neuroscience and Psychology

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Why should students take advantage of meeting with Student Success Ambassadors?:  You should take advantage of meeting with an SSA because we've been in your shoes. I am also a first gen and was a first year vol. I know how challenging it can be to adapt to a fast paced environment. We are here to help you all transition from your high school to college. We want you all to enjoy your time here at Rocky Top and make the best memories you can. An SSA can help you navigate the school and offer other resources to make your life a bit easier. 

Most rewarding UT experience?:  I would say meeting my best friends here. I have always been a shy person but when I am with my friends I can be me. We have so many memories together. I wouldn't change anything because I know that I wouldn't have met them if not for how my journey went. 

One piece of advice to new students at UT: One piece of advice to any new student at UT would be to ask for help when you need it. Don't be afraid to speak up and be wrong. College is all about learning and people may feel the same way as you. They might have the same question as you.