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Jada Worrles

Student Success Ambassadors


Major: Accounting

Hometown: Moscow, TN

Why should students take advantage of meeting with Student Success Ambassadors?:  I would encourage students to get involved in the Student Success Ambassadors Program because it is a great opportunity to meet and get connected with an amazing group of distinctive individuals who all have different backgrounds, academic paths, and personal experiences. As a fellow student, we understand situations and problems you may face personally and academically and we want to help you overcome and grow from these challenges. Let us aid you in creating a strong foundation here at UT so that you can craft YOUR college experience and be successful!

Most rewarding UT experience?:  My most rewarding experience at UT was having the opportunity to study abroad. Before I got to UT, I had never traveled internationally, but I always dreamed of doing so. With the support of various faculty members and my family, I was able to make this dream a reality in my first semester of freshman year. As of now, I have had the opportunity to travel abroad twice and I look forward to what's ahead!

One piece of advice to new students at UT: Whatever you may wish or desire to do, you can make it happen with determination and the support of individuals who want those dreams to come true as much as you do.