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SOAR Summer Program

SOAR (Summer Opportunity for Academic Recovery) is an academic recovery program for selected students academically dismissed at the conclusion of Spring, allowing them to continue enrollment in the second summer session. Students who successfully complete two (non-PYED) courses and at least six credit hours at UT in Summer through SOAR are allowed to continue enrollment in Fall if they choose to do so.

While participation in SOAR reinstates you to the University for the summer term, it does not guarantee continuation in your college or specific major. According to the UT Catalog, students dismissed while in the colleges of Engineering, Nursing, or Business can return to UT but not to that college. Successful participation in SOAR does not change these catalog statements; students dismissed while in those colleges must seek alternative programs of study, even if they are successful in SOAR.

SOAR emphasizes presence and engagement leading toward student growth as a learner and a scholar. To participate, students must be in Knoxville during their enrollment in classes; SOAR students cannot enroll in any online courses.

The deadline to participate in SOAR and submit your SOAR Student Agreement/Reflection is May 31st. If you have questions about SOAR, please contact the Academic Success Center ( 

Not all students dismissed at the conclusion of Spring are eligible for the SOAR program. SOAR is open to students who have not been previously dismissed. In addition, because it is only open to students who have a realistic chance of returning to Good Standing at the end of the summer, students with greater than 15 deficiency points are not eligible for SOAR. If SOAR was mentioned as an option in the dismissal letter you received from the Registrar, you have met the GPA-based selection criteria and are invited to continue your enrollment at UT this summer through the SOAR program.

Although this program offers students a unique opportunity to avoid dismissal and continue enrollment, students should participate in SOAR only if they are able to give full attention to summer coursework. Students who are not fully ready (mentally, emotionally, and financially) to engage in summer coursework put themselves in danger of digging a deeper academic hole for themselves. Because second session summer term classes are more concentrated (squeezing fifteen weeks of material into five weeks), the pace is brisk and attendance at every class is crucial. While participation in SOAR may sound far more preferable than dismissal, it is exceedingly important that your next semester of enrollment be a successful one; if you are not in a position (mentally, emotionally, financially) to succeed this summer, participation in SOAR could possibly further harm your academic record and lead to greater financial debt.

In Summer session, SOAR participants agree to:

  • Submit the SOAR Student Agreement/Reflection by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 31st.
  • Be in Knoxville during their enrollment in classes
  • Successfully complete and engage in in-person and online Academic Success Programming (a two hour per week commitment)
  • Successfully complete two academic courses (non-PE) for at least six credit hours
  • SOAR students cannot enroll in any online courses.
  • Meet with an academic advisor prior to summer enrollment and once during summer enrollment
  • Meet with an academic coach once a week and instructors at least once during the session
  • Dedicate at least ten hours per week outside of class to on-location study, tutoring, or engagement with other campus resources
  • Be able to give full attention to summer coursework

Second Session Summer term at UT begins on Monday, July 8th and conclude on Friday, August 9th. Details on all aspects of Summer School are found online at Explore links from there for information on classes, finances, dining, and housing.

A July start allows more time for academic advising and to attend to financial considerations, including the SAP financial aid appeal discussed below under Tuition and Financial Aid. The SAP appeal takes time for both filing and approval, making it difficult to quickly get summer loans approved.

You can search summer classes via MyUTK or through the course search link at Note that second session summer courses are limited. You will need to register for your courses as soon as possible. If you are unsure of what courses to take, please consult with your academic advisor.

For details on tuition and fees for summer, contact One Stop or see the associated web pages. Payment up front prior to the start of classes is expected for summer classes. Contact One Stop for details on deadlines and payment options.

Financial Aid is limited for summer. In addition, if you received financial aid during the school year, you can expect an email notification from One Stop soon regarding the need to file an SAP appeal (Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid) to continue receiving aid for the upcoming year. That email from One Stop is very important, and you should take action on it immediately.

Housing options are available for summer term students who wish to live on campus. Again, please see the links available at for more information.

Minimum levels of success for the summer include a minimum summer term GPA of 2.00, and earned credit in all attempted hours. However, the SOAR program was created to help generate a clear change in your performance (not merely meeting the minimums) with dramatically improved grades, leading to long-range success and graduation.

You must meet with an academic advisor to plan your summer courses. Students participating in SOAR must complete advising by Friday, June 21st and course registration by Monday, June 24th.

Even if you have previously met with an advisor during Spring term or if you have already registered for summer classes, you must meet with an academic advisor to reassess your needs in the wake of your Spring grades.

If you were dismissed while in Architecture, Business, Engineering, or Nursing, you will need to meet with a Transition Advisor (Call 865-974-3523) to work out an academic plan for a new college and program of study. Also, any other students seeking a major change should see a Transition Advisor for advising.

For students in any other college or program, you may need to reassess your major based on curriculum or other policy requirements. Contact your advisor as soon as possible to discuss options.

Prepare for your advising conversations by:

  • searching possible second session courses, realizing the summer timetable of classes is limited (fewer classes offered in summer than in fall or spring)
  • targeting courses to repeat for grade-replacement (100 or 200 level courses in which you earned grades below C), as replacing a poor grade with a strong one is the quickest way to boost your cumulative GPA (note: grades can only be replaced by repeating the course at UT; repeating the course elsewhere doesn’t help your UT GPA and robs you of the benefits of grade-replacement)
  • making a list of questions to ask your advisor.

The deadline to participate in SOAR and submit your SOAR Student Agreement/Reflection is May 31st. If you have questions about SOAR, please contact the Academic Success Center (

By participating in SOAR, you agree to fully engage with the program and the Student Success Center, including prompt communication through UTK email. This is not a program where you can be passive or disconnected.

If you have questions about SOAR, email them to the Student Success Center at Do not hesitate to be in touch with questions or concerns.