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Resources, Support & Referral

The SSC is here to help your student achieve academically. You may be wondering when, how, and why to refer a student to see us. Whenever a student is struggling, we encourage you to recommend that they visit the SSC. Similarly, if a student has a non-course-related question, you can send them to the center. Basically, it’s never a bad idea for students to come see us, so if you’re ever wondering whether to recommend us to a student, the answer is yes! Specific referrals for tutoring, supplemental instruction, and academic coaching are also welcome. See below for specific contacts for each category.

If you’re particularly concerned about a student or want us to reach out to the student (rather than waiting for them to come to us), you’re welcome to contact us. Similarly, if you have important information or insight to share regarding a student, don’t hesitate to e-mail or call. If you’re not comfortable doing so, however, or you just don’t think it’s necessary, feel free to simply remind students that we are a helpful resource for them.

 Specifically, SSC staff can help you by:

Faculty and staff, please note that SSC does not advocate for students with grade disputes. Grade disputes are an interdepartmental matter and SSC does not take sides on such issues. We are happy to meet with students to discuss their concerns, but we do not get involved with, nor do we support grade appeals or grievances against particular instructors.

Families, please note that the success of your student is important to us. We believe family plays a critical role in your students’ lives. We partner with many campus offices, such as the Parent’s Association, an excellent resource for you as a UT parent.