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Students reviewing classwork

Tips & Resources for Students

Below you will find content tailored to each year you are in school. These links include resources targeted specifically to you, here, now. Take a look and find out how to make your time here at UT as beneficial and successful as possible.

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Browse this list of campus academic resources to find the help you need.

Welcome, First-Year Vols!

Your success as a first-year student is our priority. Discover how to get the most out of your first year at UT by checking out the information below, including resources specific to you as well as college success tips to get started on the right track!

Advice for First-Years

Your success is up to you. UT offers many resources like the SSC to help you achieve your goals. Make a commitment today to be the best student you can be, and reach out to these campus resources for assistance. Remember (or discover) why you chose to come to UT, and keep that vision alive while you work hard, get involved, and make a difference. You were admitted to UT because we know you can do great things. Start doing them today!

  • The Office of First-Year Programs is devoted to ensuring a smooth transition and a successful experience for all students in their first year.
  • VolSource is the online text for all FYS 101 courses.
  • Welcome Week events welcome all students to Big Orange Country and help you feel at home.

Welcome, Sophomores!

Your sophomore year is a crucial year. It’s a time for you to get more involved in your major, learn more about volunteer and student organizations on campus, get involved in your field of study, and much more.

Advice for Sophomores

Your second year is an exciting time that’s full of challenges. Being aware of opportunities such as undergraduate research and internships as well as pitfalls such as higher academic expectations and increased demands on your time is the first step to success.

Think about what you want to accomplish and how you plan to accomplish it. Our staff can help you create a realistic plan for what to do when challenges arise.

Take these steps to stay on the path for academic success:

  • Reconnect with friends
  • Meet with your academic advisor
  • Meet with a counselor at the Center for Career Development
  • Think about studying abroad
  • Engage in research projects with faculty
  • Look into additional scholarship opportunities
  • Participate in exercise classes at TRECS
  • Get involved on campus

Take your academic experience to another country. Browse through hundreds of international opportunities to find the perfect study abroad experience.

If you want to live off campus, check out off campus housing and also find information about off-campus and commuter services.

Welcome, Upperclass Students!

You are more than halfway through your degree program at UT, and there are many important areas to explore as you begin to think about your future beyond college. Check out the advice below to learn about the most important next steps to take for your academic and professional success.

Advice for Upperclass Students

As an upperclass student, your personal plan for success may include career networking, graduate and professional schools, leadership development, internship experience, and international study. If you are getting close to graduation, remember that you must apply for graduation and, in the mean time, take full advantage of what UT has to offer. Talk to your academic advisor and Center for Career Development counselor about your plans for the future. If you are interested in pursuing further education, look into graduate school opportunities.

Welcome, Students!

Whether you are a transfer, military, or nontraditional student, we know you may have specific needs and expectations for your time at UT, and we are here to help. Check out our advice and resources below.

Advice For You

Getting involved with UT, its people, organizations, and resources, is an essential step to academic success. Start today by focusing on your goals and taking action to achieve success. And remember, we are here for you—stop by and see us today.