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Application for UTGSM Advancing Access to Careers in Medicine Scholars Program

Personal Information

Please indicate when you anticipate graduating from UTK (e.g., May 2024)
Which best describes your race? Please select all that apply.
Which best describes your ethnicity?
First Generation(Required)
Please select one:
Please exclude any non-directory information from your resume (social security number, student ID number, grades, GPA, student schedule, academic history, academic standing).
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB.

Academic Information

UT Reference (name and e-mail only)(Required)
Please provide the name and e-mail address of one UT faculty or staff member who knows about your goals and is capable of discussing your likelihood for success in this program. Examples of individuals at UT who might serve as references include, but are not limited to, a research mentor or course professor, academic advisor, campus job supervisor, or student organization advisor. (Please note: We do not ask for a letter of recommendation; however, we may contact your reference as part of the application review process.)
STEM Coursework(Required)
Please list all college-level courses/credits completed to date within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related disciplines, including lab courses. Click on the plus sign (+) to add more courses.
Please list any research experience you have had outside of course requirements and include the research mentor's name, lab name, and a brief explanation of what the lab does. If you do not have any non-class research experience, simply type N/A.
UTGSM Research Lab Interest (top two choices)(Required)
Please read the laboratory placement option descriptions (and watch the brief videos provided) found on the UTGSM AACMSP webpage. Then, please indicate below your top TWO research placement options. Your choices cannot guarantee placement within a specified program, but will assist us in making mutually beneficial placements.
Laboratory Animals Use(Required)
Are you willing to participate in the use of laboratory animals during the course of the UTGSM AACMSP? For more information regarding the use of laboratory animals in basic and translational medical research at the University of Tennessee, you may refer to the Office of Laboratory Animal Care ( and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee ( If you have any additional questions or concerns, you will have the opportunity to ask them during the interview phase of the selection process, should you be invited for a finalist interview.
Commitment to Program Dates(Required)
By checking the box below, I acknowledge that this is an 8-week program scheduled to run June 3 - July 26, 2024. Outside of any brief absence due to illness or other unavoidable circumstance, I understand that I am making a commitment to participate full time in the program for its duration and that any extended absence during these dates will result in forfeiture of participation and compensation for the remainder of the program.
Academic History Request Waiver(Required)
By checking this box, I hereby give permission for my academic history to be retrieved and discussed as part of the application review process.

Short Essays

For each of the required short essays, as well as the one optional essay, please limit your responses to no more than 1500 characters including spaces (approximately 200 words per essay).
Please tell us about an achievement you feel is important to shaping who you are or are aiming to become. This achievement could have been academic in nature or could have come from another area of your life. Has this achievement led to a personal motivation for continued success? If so, please explain.
Please describe any substantial obstacles (educational, economic, or otherwise) you have had to overcome in pursuit of your educational or personal success. This challenge may be related or unrelated to the significant achievement described above.
What are your career and/or educational plans following completion of your undergraduate education, and how do these plans fit into the STEM related fields? What are your long-terms goals, and how are you actively pursuing opportunities to achieve these goals?
Describe any prior experience or future interest you have in working with diverse or historically underserved populations. How might your participation in AACMSP building upon this experience?
Please tell us why you are interested in this program. Specifically, how will participation in this program help you achieve your longer-term career goals?