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Recipients, Finalists & Nominees

If you have received a scholarship or fellowship through URF, we want to hear about — and publicize — your grant year experience!
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Boren Scholars

  • Brooklyn Battle, Senior, Modern Foreign Languages and Literature with a concentration in International Business and Chinese, Asian Studies Minor: Taiwan
  • Nicholas Buttram, Senior, Modern Foreign Languages and Literature, Language and World Business, Japanese
  • Ryan White, Senior, Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, Junior: Belarus

Critical Language Scholars

  • Sue Choi, Senior, double major in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology and in Neuroscience with a minor in Chinese: China, Chinese
  • Megan Gragg, Senior, Global Studies & Middle East Studies: Oman, Arabic
  • Mateo Hayes, Senior, History and Russian: Kyrgyzstan, Russian
  • Katherine Yolitz, Senior, Chemical Engineering with a minor in Arab studies: Morocco, Arabic


  • Michelle Barnett, Senior, Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Hispanic Studies: ETA, Ecuador
  • Hera Jay Brown, Alum, College Scholars: Fulbright-Schuman Research Grant, European Union (EU)
  • Sarah Crowley, Senior, Honors Social Work: ETA, South Korea
  • Ben DeHaven, MFA in Creative Writing: Study/Research, Colombia
  • Abby Durick, Alum, Classics: Study/Research, Bulgaria
  • Andrew Franks, Senior, Forestry with minors in International Agriculture, Watershed, & Wildlife and Fisheries Science: Study/Research, Slovenia
  • Kelli Frawley, Alum, English with a minor in Spanish: ETA, Argentina
  • Ryan Gesme, PhD in History: Study/Research, Germany
  • Logan Houston, Senior, Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology; Hispanic Studies: ETA, Mexico
  • Annabel Large, Senior, Chemical Engineering: Study/Research, Sweden
  • Connor Mitchell, Senior, Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Hispanic Studies and Secondary Education: ETA, Spain
  • Juhi Patel, Senior, Microbiology and Classical Civilization: Study/Research, United Kingdom
  • Josie Portz: M.A. in English: Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics: ETA, Sri Lanka
  • Kirsten Salonga, Alum, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), minor in Secondary Education: ETA, Colombia
  • Julia Scott, Senior, Finance, International Business and Economics: ETA to Andorra (declined award)
  • Patrick Sonnenberg, Senior, College Scholars: ETA, Lithuania
  • Megan Vande Linde, Senior, Political Science (International Affairs Concentration); Hispanic Studies: ETA, Brazil
  • Alyssa Culp, MA in Modern European History: Alternate for Open/Study Research, Germany
  • Kevin Gage, Senior, Business Analytics and International Business: Alternate for ETA, Spain
  • Anna Greer, Alum, College Scholars: Alternate for Study/Research, Ireland
  • Johanna Lohman, Alum, Linguistics and Russian Studies: Alternate for ETA, Bulgaria
  • Hannah Nolan, Senior, History (Honors), French & Political Science: Alternate for Study/Research, Ireland
  • Jaime Ragos, Senior, Language World Business and Food Science & Technology: Alternate for ETA, Guatemala
  • Kenji Segura, Biochemistry, Cellular, & Molecular Biology and Italian: Alternate for ETA, Italy
  • Jonathan Thomas, Senior, College Scholars: Alternate for ETA, Algeria

Fulbright UK Summer Institute Scholar

  • Blake Turpin, Junior, Sociology with a minor in Hispanic Studies and Political Science, University of Bristol

Goldwater Scholarship

  • Carl Edwards, Senior, Computer Science
  • Ian Greeley, Senior, Materials Science

Rhodes Scholarship

  • Grant Rigney, Chemical Engineering

Truman Scholarship Finalists

  • Natalie Campbell, Junior, College Scholars
  • Nicholas Ross, Junior, Honors Chemical Engineering
  • Michael Lidwin, Junior, Architecture; Italian

American University Cairo Presidential Intern

  • Hera Jay Brown, Senior, College Scholars

Boren Fellow

  • Jordan Brasher, PhD Student, Geography: Brazil

Boren Scholars

  • Jordan Leith, Junior, Honors Chemical Engineering: Tanzania
  • Michayla Robles, Senior, Political Science & Global Studies: Tanzania
  • Sarah Smith, Senior, Middle East Studies & Political Science: Jordan

Critical Language Scholars

  • Julia Goncalves, Sophomore, German & Russian Studies: Russia
  • Iker Sedeño, Masters Student, Spanish: Korean
  • Jonathan Thomas, Junior, College Scholars: Arabic


  • Alexa Griffith, Senior, Chemistry
  • Nicely Preston, Chemical Engineering
  • Woodland Woodi, Chemical Engineering


  • Rena Abdurehman, Senior, Biology: Study/Research, Argentina
  • Jacqueline Adams, Alum, Honors Psychology: Study/Research, Hungary
  • Carolyn Barnes, Senior, Honors Chemistry: Study/Research, Czech Republic
  • Kimberly Bress, Senior, College Scholars: Study/Research, Spain
  • Tiana Castillo, Senior, Communication Studies: English Teaching Assistantship, Vietnam
  • Alex Crockett, Senior, Food Science & Technology: Partner Award: East Anglia, United Kingdom
  • Savannah Dixon, Alum, Architecture and Hispanic Studies: English Teaching Assistantship, Guatemala
  • Dillon Dunn, Senior, Architecture: Study/Research, Indonesia
  • Derek Galyon, Alum, Honors Political Science: MA Grant, Ireland
  • Tamra Gilbertson, PhD, Sociology: Study/Research, Colombia
  • Brennan Hicks, Alum, Microbiology: English Teaching Assistantship, Brazil
  • Miranda Johnson, Senior, Anthropology and Hispanic Studies: Study/Research, Costa Rica
  • Yuki Minami, Senior, Japanese Language and World Business: Study/Research, Japan
  • Miles Ownby, Senior, Biosystems Engineering: Study/Research, Canada
  • Katie Plank, Alum, Biology: English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan
  • Avanti Rangnekar, Senior, Economics: Study/Research, India
  • Trent Sanders, MA English: Literature Criticism & Text Studies: Arts, Romania
  • Joseph Wilson, MA English: Rhetoric Writing & Linguistics: English Teaching Assistantship, Kazakhstan
  • Conny Zhao, Senior, Music & Culture: Arts, China
  • Christopher Neal, Senior, Honors Chemical Engineering: Study/Research, Germany – Alternate

Fulbright UK Summer Institute Scholar

  • Natalie Campbell, Sophomore, College Scholars: Northern Ireland

Goldwater Scholarship

  • Brandon Barker, Junior, Chemical Engineering – Honorable Mention

NIH Oxford Cambridge Scholar

  • Sahba Seddighi, Alum, College Scholars

Project Global Officer Scholarship

  • Dara Carney-Nedelman, Junior, Honors Communication Studies

Schwarzman Scholars

  • Lucille Greer, Senior, Political Science & Middle East Studies
  • Colleen Ryan, Alum, Global Studies & Honors Sociology
  • Hera Jay Brown, Senior, College Scholars – Alternate

Boren Scholars

      • Lucy Greer, Junior, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies: Jordan
      • Philip Baites, Junior, French Language & World Business: Morocco

Critical Language Scholars

      • Harrison Akins, PhD Candidate, Political Science: Urdu in Lucknow, India
      • Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw, Junior, Linguistics: Indonesian in Malang, Indonesia
      • Katie Plank, Senior, Biological Sciences: Chinese in Dalian, China
      • Lucy Greer, Junior, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies: Arabic—Alternate


    • Carolyn Barnes, Junior, Chemistry


        • Jordan Bakke, Senior, College Scholars (International Development): English Teaching Assistantship, Kazakhstan
        • Alexis Burnham, Alum, Animal Science: Study/Research Grant, Chile (declined; will complete 2-year EU–funded fellowship)
        • Nicholas Campbell, Senior, Hispanic Studies and Latin American & Caribbean Studies: English Teaching Assistantship, Colombia
        • Esther Choo, Senior, Anthropology; Study/Research Grant, South Korea
        • Alina Clay, Senior, College Scholars (Gender, Politics, and Policy): Study/Research Grant, Latvia
        • Will Clifft, Senior, Global Studies: English Teaching Assistantship, Brazil
        • Eric Peters, Senior, Economics and International Business: Study/Research Grant, Hungary
        • Joel Runnels, PhD Candidate, Deaf Education: Study/Research Grant, Ghana
        • Colleen Ryan, Senior, Global Studies and Honors Sociology: Partner Award—University of York, United Kingdom
        • Meghan Stuart, Senior, Physics, Honors Mathematics, and Computer Science: Study/Research Grant, Hungary

    Gates Cambridge Scholar

        • Sahba Seddighi, Alum, College Scholars (Neuroplasticity and Neurodegenerative Disorders)

    Goldwater Scholars

        • Kimberly Bress, Junior, College Scholars (Neuroscience and Mental Health)
        • Christopher Neal, Junior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
        • Andrew Wintenberg, Junior, Honors Mathematics and Electrical Engineering

    NSF Graduate Research Fellows

        • Ian Francis, Senior, Honors Mathematics
        • Patrick McKenzie, Senior, Biological Sciences
        • Louis Varriano, Senior, Physics

    Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellow

        • Hera Jay Brown, Junior, College Scholars (declined award offer)

    Schwarzman Scholar

        • Miranda Gottlieb, Alum, Political Science and Hispanic Studies