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Meet T’Angela Knight

T’Angela Knight
Majors: Marketing and Psychology
Hometown: Memphis Tennessee


T’Angela traversed the state from Memphis to Knoxville in order to find community within the Chancellor’s Honors Program. T’Angela has embraced the call to become inVOLved and serves as a great example for Honors students wishing to engage in the campus community.

In her short time at UT, T’Angela has participated in the Venture Living and Learning community, become an ambassador for the ME4UT program, served as a mentor in the Multicultural Mentoring Program, become a Residence Assistant, and founded her own organization! The inspiration to found the organization, named DECA, came from her participation in the high school chapter. Coming off of a stint as president for the Tennessee chapter of this marketing organization, T’Angela instantly identified a way that she could improve the greater UT community. By founding DECA with fellow Honors students, T’Angela is living out her commitment to leave a legacy at UT. Collegiate DECA exists at many universities and provides students with opportunities to improve their marketing skill set through workshops and social gatherings. By adding this organization to UT’s already burgeoning community of 470+, T’Angela is taking part in creating a well-rounded experience for every student.

This drive to create and celebrate difference is fueled by T’Angela’s participation in the Chancellor’s Honors Program. T’Angela was glad to join a community that can “uplift each other” and help one another explore new fields of study. One of her favorite aspects of the program is the Becker Seminar requirement. Named after the program’s founder, Susan Becker, Becker Seminars encourage students to engage in the academic and cultural discourse of the university. T’Angela views these seminars as a good way to expose herself to new ideas and research outside of her coursework. According to her “attending diverse seminars, meeting researchers, and being driven to learn more” helps define her passion.

When asked how Honors has affected her time at the university, T’Angela responded that Ms. Hunter (an associate director within Honors and Scholars) was her biggest influence. “She makes a connection with students, gets to know your personality, and always pushes you to do your best.” T’Angela appreciates being included in what’s going on within Honors and Scholars and encourages new students to “take advantage of all the opportunities that Honors offers”.