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Apply as an Incoming First-Year Student

On average, the top 7% of high-potential students coming to UT gain admittance to the Chancellor’s Honors Program (approximately 500 students). Haslam Leadership Scholars are a select group of top scholars interested in making an impact as a leader. The program admits approximately 15 students per year.

Qualifications to apply:

University Honors completes a holistic review of each application. Most students enrolling in the honors programs demonstrate academic excellence, a passion and commitment to making a difference in their communities, and deep engagement in opportunities available to them in their academic and broader community.

Typically, University Honors Program students’ academic profile exceeds a 4.4 weighted core GPA and 33 ACT superscore or SAT equivalent.

Application process:

Prospective scholars must meet the below deadlines to be fully considered for University Honors.

  • November 1: Submit your UT application via a Go Vols account or the Common App.
  • November 22: Submit your Honors program essay through your Go Vols account.
    • If you have submitted all components of your UT application and not received an invitation to apply for University Honors, please contact the University Honors office.
    • Honors Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM (ET) on November 22.

University Honors Essay Prompts:

Chancellor’s Honors Program application prompt: 

Why are you interested in applying for University Honors at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville? (Maximum 200 words)

Please identify a local community need or problem of particular importance to you. Describe the nature of the problem and how it relates to your life experience, the state of Tennessee, and the United States and/or our Global context. How might you leverage your experience at the University of Tennessee to enable you to have an impact on this issue? (300-400 words)

Video Prompt for Haslam Leadership Scholar candidates only:

Please describe how you’ve shown up as a leader in your community through extra-curricular activities, jobs, sports, church, etc. What characteristics did you possess? What did you learn? What, if anything, would you do differently? How has your leadership left a legacy? (Videos should be 3-5 minutes. Videos over 5 minutes will not be considered as part of the application).

Note: Videos will be recorded directly in the Go Vols portal and not uploaded. 

Notification timeline:

Students who submit an application by 11:59 PM (ET) on November 22 will be notified of their decision by mid-December.

Any Chancellor’s Honors applicant denied admission may request reconsideration if new information has become available since their initial application submission. This new information could include updated standardized test scores or grade point averages. However, it’s important to note that a secondary review does not automatically guarantee a change in admission status.

Haslam Leadership Scholars applicants will be selected for semi-finalist zoom interviews and finalist interviews on campus during the spring semester.