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College and Departmental Honors Programs

In addition to University Honors, the University of Tennessee offers opportunities in specific college or departmental honors programs. They are designed to build disciplinary depth after the interdisciplinary breadth of University Honors.

University Honors students are encouraged to seek these additional honors opportunities. Typically, admission to these highly selective programs occurs during sophomore or junior years. Some of the programs automatically admit students who are involved in University Honors (eg., Business Fellows, Honors Nursing). Others have their own competitive honors admissions process. In most cases, students need not be a member of the Haslam Scholars or Chancellor’s Honors Program to be eligible for admission to a college’s or a department’s honors program. Below are the common options on campus, but consult the most current academic catalog for more information.

College Honors Program
Herbert College of Agriculture Honors FANHS  Minor
College of Arts and Sciences College Scholars

Other Honors Opportunities

Haslam College of Business Smith Global Leadership Scholars
CEHHS Honors Leadership Studies Minor Service-Learning Honors Program
Tickle College of Engineering Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program
The Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy Baker Scholars
College of Nursing Nursing Honors Program
College of Social Work BSSW Honors Concentration

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has dozens of departmental honors programs. The best source to learn more about those is the undergraduate catalog and search by major. You can also consult with your honors coach for more information. Please contact the University Honors office for Honors-By-Contract Application and Completion forms.