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Vol 102: New Student Advising

Vol 102 is when you’ll meet with an advisor from your academic college. During Vol 102, advisors provide details on college expectations, course selection, the academic catalog, and the course registration process.

About Vol 102

Program Details

Once you register for Orientation, your academic college will reach out to you directly with your appointment time and more information.  You will not be allowed to participate in advising until you’ve officially completed your Orientation registration.  
For many academic colleges, New Student Advising occurs via Zoom, however, some do provide an in-person advising option which occurs as part of Vol 103. Students will learn if their college offers in-person advising during the Orientation registration process. 

After completing Vol 102, you should be able to:

  • Have positive and open communication with your academic advisor.

  • Register for all required and desired courses within the designated time frame, avoiding registration errors or conflicts.

  • Navigate the course registration system, DARS, and understand how to select courses that meet your graduation requirements, interests, and academic needs.

Vol 102 FAQs

Please contact for any New Student Advising appointment questions or concerns.

NOTE: Rescheduling your session may delay your ability to meet with your advisor. You will only be able to reschedule for dates based on current availability.
It depends on your academic college. However, we ask that you are available from 9 am – 4 pm EST so you’re able to participate in all sessions your college might require, including your one-on-one appointment. 
We recognize some family members might want to join their student during the advising process. However, we ask that students participate in New Student Advising alone.

If family members have questions they want answered, we encourage them to share those with their student ahead of time.

This is an important time for new students to establish a relationship with their advisor, and we appreciate our new family members’ understanding and commitment to their student’s academic success!