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Student Success Mission

The Division of Student Success at UT works to engage each scholar’s experience by supporting their unique strengths and goals. We collaborate with UT faculty and staff to help each scholar maximize their individual strengths and understand how their strengths contribute to their academic dreams, career paths, and personal well-being.

How do we achieve the mission?

In collaboration with the campus community we:

  • Strategically oversee and support students in asking and answering the big questions of life:
    • Who am I?
    • Who do I want to be?
    • How will I try to get there?
  • Passionately advocate for students by identifying and eliminating barriers that impede enrollment and progression;
  • Engage academically in a proactive and intentional manner;
  • Develop personalized strengths and talent-based programs to enhance the UT student experience;
  • Drive data-driven decisions to support student retention, persistence, and degree completion strategies to achieve UT’s student success targets.

Support Exploration – Eliminate Barriers – Engage Academically – Develop Strengths – Make Data-Driven Decisions