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Volunteer Experience Committee

In the spirit of broad collaboration, the Office of the Provost appointed a Volunteer Experience Committee in January 2022. The committee will propose the framework that will be used to define deep engagement and meaningful experiential learning. This framework will define the criteria for Volunteer Experience eligibility within academic programs and co-curricular experiences.

The Volunteer Experience Committee has been charged with proposing the following by May 2022:

  • Determine the standards for existing and new activities to qualify as “deep engagement” components of the Volunteer Experience program
  • Develop a corresponding rubric to review activities
  • Propose a review process for activities and initiatives seeking VE curriculum status

  • Develop learning outcomes and key content areas for five modules
    • Civil Discourse
    • Inclusive Excellence
    • Leadership & Service
    • Preparing for a Global Workforce
    • Well-being

  • Define the activities students must do to complete the Volunteer Experience program
  • Identify supplementary activities that foster life-career readiness and/or well-being

Committee Membership

  • Lindi Barillaro, Associate Director of Advising Services, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Carolyn Becker, Director of Programs Abroad, Center for Global Engagement
  • Lamar Bryant, Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives, Division of Diversity and Engagement
  • Crystal Hardeman-Ikem, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Inclusive Excellence, Division of Student Life
  • Erin Hardin, Professor of Psychology; Associate Department Head & Director of Undergraduate Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Andrew Hart, Associate Director for Employer Development, Division of Student Success
  • Bill Lyons, Director of Policy Partnerships, Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy
  • Rose Parker, Assistant Director, Office of Information Technology
  • Joe Pierce, Associate Dean of Students, Division of Student Life
  • Timari Ray, undergraduate Public Relations major, Student Government Association
  • Krystyne Savarese, Special Assistant to the Vice Provost and Chief Strategist,
  • Anna Sandelli, Associate Professor and Head of Teaching and Learning Programs, University of Tennessee Libraries
  • Andrew Seidler, Director of Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, Division of Student Life
  • Samantha Ward, Manager of Public Services and Operations, University of Tennessee Libraries
  • Mark Willoughby, Director of Student Engagement, Haslam College of Business
  • Lacey Wood, Communications Manager, Division of Student Success
  • Virginia Stormer, Associate Director for Curriculum Development & Design, Teaching and Learning Innovation  
  • Jill Zambito, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life 
  • Erin Darby, Associate Professor of Early Judaism and Faculty Director of Undergraduate Research

External Consultants

  • Dr. Patrick Akos, Professor, School of Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill