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Faculty Fellows

The Office of the Provost at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, announces the 2023 cohort of the Volunteer Experience Faculty Fellows program within the  Division of Student Success. The faculty fellows will play a pivotal role in the implementation of the Volunteer Experience in academic departments.  

Central to UT’s Strategic Vision, the Volunteer Experience is a comprehensive, university-wide approach to promoting student well-being and career readiness in all aspects of a student scholar’s experience. The Volunteer Experience Faculty Fellows program is comprised of faculty across the university who are interested in engaging in well-being pedagogy and promoting well-being constructs amongst the faculty in their respective departments. The Division of Student Success partners with Teaching and Learning Innovation (TLI) to promote best practices in undergraduate instruction using a well-being framework. 

Division of Student Success

Teaching and Learning Innovation 

  • Dr. Virginia Stormer, Associate Director for Curriculum Development and Design 

  1. Fellows will engage in training provided in partnership with Teaching and Learning Innovation, including:  
    • Independent completion of the Fostering the Volunteer Experience certificate– an asynchronous, self-paced introduction to well-being frameworks such as PERMA 
    • One half-day workshop expanding on concepts in the certificate and extending them into field-specific classroom examples.  
  1. Fellows will partner with the VE faculty director to develop a plan appropriate for their department or college, including activities such as: 
    • Workshops (one-two hour facilitated experiences for leadership teams or groups of faculty)  
    • Individual consultations (Meeting with a colleague, or a small group of colleagues, to discuss a specific issue or curriculum design at the request of those faculty members)   
    • Facilitated discussions (Guiding departments or leadership teams in developing policies or strategic plans to improve student well-being)
  1. Fellows will contribute to the process of resource creation and dissemination  
    Designing resources for classroom interventions or course re-design 
    • Guidance for developing policies and practices focused on student well-being 
    • Contributing to an ongoing repository of references that may include books, articles, executive summaries, university policies, example programs or policies from other universities 
    • Designing resources for classroom interventions or course re-design 

To learn more and connect with our 2023 Faculty Fellows, please click here.