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Vol Success Team

As an incoming first-year or transfer student, you’ll be welcomed to Rocky Top by your Vol Success Team.  Your Vol Success Team is your dedicated support network that helps you set and achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals. The core of your team is made up of your academic advisor, academic or honors coach, and One Stop counselor.  Depending on your college and course schedule, you may have a peer mentor or faculty mentor. Along your journey, your faculty also play a key role in supporting your success. You are central to the team and will co-create your UT experience with your Vol Success Team.

Want to know more about who your team is, their roles, and how you’ll engage as part of the team? Check out the information below! 

Academic Advisor

Their role is to:​ 

  • Provide professional advising that assists and engages you early in exploring majors and careers together with your chosen area of study​​
  • Partner with you in navigating curriculum and degree requirements  

Your role is to:  ​ 

  • Engage in dialogue with your academic advisor to discuss your goals and build your curriculum and academic plan to determine a realistic pathway​ 
  • Create a flexible schedule of classes that gives priority to studying and working with outside interests and employment you enjoy​ 
  • Be honest and creative in thinking about majors, minors, classes, and options 

Academic or Honors Coach

Their role is to:​ 

  • Help you maximize your strengths and understand how those strengths contribute to your academic path and personal well-being​ 
  • Support you in developing semester goals​ 
  • Work with you to create an academic success plan 

Your role is to:​ 

  • Utilize your coach’s expertise and knowledge to hone your skills and enrich your strengths in:​ 
    • Time management​
    • Study skills​ 
    • Motivation & goal setting 
    • Accessing campus resources including the Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration, Undergraduate Research & Fellowships, and more 

One Stop Counselor

Their role is to:​ 

  • Offer support and knowledge concerning enrollment, financial aid, academic records, and making payments
  • Help you navigate administrative issues related to enrollment, including the verification process

Your role is to:​ 

  • Stay active and informed with deadlines, account information, and your financial aid status 

Peer Mentor

Their role is to:

  • Serve as a success advocate, providing positive support and guidance inside and outside the classroom, by developing a peer relationship focused on helping you make a smooth transition, acclimate to campus, and establish a sense of belonging

Your role is to:

  • Actively engage with your peer mentor through one-on-one meetings and in the classroom, developing a desire to learn and an openness to feedback through peer coaching


Their role is to:

  • Engage you in the process of learning
  • Develop and deliver course content that helps you master concepts and skills

Your role is to:

  • Prepare for and be engaged in each class session
  • Reach out to your faculty member or teaching assistant with questions
  • Attend office hours to invest additional time in mastering course content

You’ll have plenty of time to get to know your Vol Success Team and how you’ll co-create your success plan. For now, we can’t wait to see you on Rocky Top! Have questions? Contact us at