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Begin to explore nationally competitive awards here, as well as the URF Exploration Grant Program. Some scholarship applications require campus nomination, while others do not. Please note that non-nominated scholarships are no less prestigious; they simply have a different method for making selections. Irrespective of the nomination requirement or procedure, we encourage all students interested in applying for these awards to contact URF. Awards for which international students are eligible are asterisked.

Summer research opportunities at prestigious universities across the US. Read more here.

Up to $20,000 to support study abroad and language study outside Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Read more here.

Fully funded intensive summer language institutes abroad in 15 different languages. Read more here.

Exchange program offering funding for international study and research in Germany, from 3 weeks to 1 year. Read more here.

Fully funded fellowship for 1 year of postgraduate study/research or teaching in one of 140+ countries. Read more here.

Fully funded summer study programs at UK universities for 1st-/2nd-year students. Minimum 3.7 GPA. Read more here.

Provides post-grad work experience for outstanding students interested in international affairs. Read more here.

Provides full funding for graduate study at the University of Cambridge. Read more here.

Enables students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad. Read more here.
Additional funding to support pursuit of Fulbright connections/experiences. Read more here.

Funding for outstanding sophomores and juniors in STEM research. Read more here.

Summer institutes in Europe and US addressing human rights. Read more here.

Full funding for grad school at Stanford, with focus on leadership development and creative problem-solving. Read more here.

Awards full support for graduate study in the United Kingdom. Read more here.

Awards full support for one year of graduate study in Ireland and some universities in N Ireland. Read more here.

Supports graduate students in NSF-supported STEM fields pursuing research-based MS’s and PhD’s. Read more here.

Individualized doctoral training program for students committed to biomedical research. Read more here.

Graduate school funding and mentoring for students pursuing the US Foreign Service. Read more here.

Post-graduate fellowships for work placements around the world. Read more here.

Provides full support for post-graduate study at the University of Oxford. Read more here.

Provides funding for graduate study abroad in a Rotary-supported field. Read more here.

1-year Master’s in Global Affairs and leadership training at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Read more here.

Funding for graduate study for immigrants and children of immigrants. Read more here.

Awards scholarships to students pursuing graduate degrees and careers in public service. Read more here.

Supports undergraduates committed to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native health care. Read more here.

Offers an interdisciplinary master’s program in China Studies to students worldwide. Read more here.

Scholarship for UT students participating in SIT study abroad programs. Read more here.

UT award of up to $5K for international travel to establish connections for subsequent scholarship application. Read more here.

Additional ‘gap year’ programs and awards can be found HERE. Additional scholarships and fellowships available to immigrant and non-resident students can be found HERE.