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FRAF/DRA/AURA Supplies Reimbursement Request Form

Where possible, please collect receipts up to $250 and submit only one form by the deadline.

Faculty Name(Required)
Faculty UTK Email(Required)
Student Name(Required)
Student UTK Email(Required)
Award Type(Required)
Award Term(Required)
Max. file size: 10 MB.
Please combine multiple receipts into one document
The original source document number that paid the invoice(s)
The posting date of the original source document
This should be the same G/L code that paid the invoice.
If multiple types of costs are being reimbursed, please list them and the amount.
Business Manager Name(Required)
Business Manager Email(Required)

Agreement Acknowledgment

By submitting this reimbursement request form, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following important terms and conditions: 1) Compliance with University Spending Policies: I understand and accept full responsibility for adhering to all university policies governing expenditures. Any expenses claimed for reimbursement must strictly adhere to these policies. 2) Reimbursement Deadlines: I am aware that reimbursements will only be processed during the same semester as my grant allocation. It is further understood that no reimbursements will be entertained outside of the program dates or after the conclusion of the fiscal year. I have consulted the university's policies for specific guidelines on purchase and delivery timing. 3) Mandatory Form Completion and Approval: I recognize that completion and prior approval of this reimbursement form are prerequisites for any reimbursement to be issued. 4) Compliance with Departmental Policies: I have communicated with my department and business manager the reimbursement process for these expenses. By signing below, I affirm my understanding and acceptance of the above terms and agree to adhere to them in order to facilitate the reimbursement process.