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Undergraduate Research

Welcome to the world of undergraduate research at the University of Tennessee – where curiosity meets innovation and your journey is an active exploration.

Discover Diverse Opportunities: From science labs to design studios, engineering projects to art creations, our campus offers diverse avenues for your research interests.

Your Unique Path: Choose how you want to engage with research – assist faculty, lead your project, take research-intensive courses, or pursue independent studies. Your path is as unique as your interests.

The Research Landscape at UTK: Explore the vibrant landscape of research funding across our campus through our illuminating heat map. This dynamic visualization showcases the diverse programs that have received support from our office, providing a clear snapshot of the thriving research ecosystem at the University of Tennessee. From science to the arts, the heat map visually captures the impact of funding, highlighting the breadth and depth of innovative projects that shape our academic landscape. Dive into the map to see the interconnected web of knowledge and innovation that defines our university’s commitment to fostering groundbreaking research across all disciplines.  

Map Developed By: Caroline Petersen, Michael Camponovo, and Janna Caspersen