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Vol Success Tips – Final Exam Edition

Prepare: Plan ahead to succeed!

  • So you know what to expect on the big day, get familiar with the test parameters including the window of time to complete the exam, the minutes provided to complete it, and the test format – is it multiple choice, essay, fill-in the blank, a combination, or something else?
  • Even if your exam is open-book, review study materials ahead of time to set yourself up for success. Don’t forget, checking notes and books during the exam, cuts down on the time you have to take it.
  • Check your tech! Now is a good time to schedule computer updates and double check you have and can use the technology required to take the exam. OIT is here to help if you need assistance with technology.

Focus: Excelling at Exams Online!

  • Find a quiet, uncluttered, and comfortable place to take the exam
  • To reduce distractions, keep only the exam window open on your computer and turn your cell phone on silent during the exam
  • If you encounter technical problems, don’t panic. If your ability to complete the exam is compromised, contact your instructor immediately and document the problem to the best of your ability. Contact OIT for assistance, if needed.
  • If time allows, before you hit “submit” on your exam, review your answers and rework any problems that challenged you.

Mastering Exams in Person!

  • Know what to bring with you to the final. Do you need a blue book? A Scantron? (And if you need a Scantron, which specific type do you need?) A pencil? A pen?
  • Even if you don’t usually wear a watch, take one with you to the final. It’s unlikely you will be able to look at your cell phone to check the time during the final.
  • For a paper-based exam, read through the entire final exam before you start answering any questions at all. This way, you will know what you’re facing.
  • If you’re using a Scantron and you skip a question to finish later, make sure you’re answering your questions next to the correct answers.
  • Keep a close eye on the time you have allotted.
  • Some students benefit from answering the most difficult questions first, while others do better completing all the easier ones. Do what works for you.

Review: Assess your performance!

  • Take a deep breath and celebrate you’re one step closer to completing a successful semester!
  • Take a few minutes to decompress before moving on to the next task.
  • Reflect on your performance and see if you can locate answers to questions that challenged you.
  • Check your grade and review instructor feedback.