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Mia Pearson-Loomis


What do you enjoy most about working with UT undergrads? 

The diversity of their interests! Our students are working on amazing projects and pursuing goals I didn’t know were possible. They are capable of anything and being part of their success motivates me. 

What is the most important advice you would give new students? 

You don’t have to be perfect. You’re in college to learn, and learning requires making mistakes. But mistakes don’t have to be painful! Mistakes can tell you a lot about what you need to achieve your goals. Mistakes can also give you an opportunity to connect with your instructors, classmates, and campus resources. When mistakes happen, don’t panic and don’t isolate. Get curious and reach out! 

What is your favorite place on campus? 

The Student Aquatic Center. You can find me swimming laps in there at least once a week. It’s my “me-time”!

Why should students take advantage of the ASC? 

That’s kind of like asking “why should bees take advantage of the garden?” In a garden, bees collect pollen, an important resource for making honey. In the ASC, students collect confidence, academic skills, and a network of support, all of which are necessary elements for sweet, sweet success. 


B.A. in Writing/Communications from Maryville College, 2016 

M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership, Student Personnel Concentration from ETSU, 2019