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Success Workshops

What are the secrets to succeeding in college? Research shows that successful students all demonstrate similar habits that lead to their success, and in the Academic Success Center, we do not want those habits to be secrets! We have developed a series of workshops addressing the things successful students do to excel in their courses and prepare them for future careers. Join us to learn how you can implement these skills to develop success habits.

Students can sign up for each workshop on Vol Academic Connect (Navigate) by choosing Academic Success Center Coaching > Academic Coaching Workshop > online location. The staff option can be left blank.

Spring 2022 Success Workshops

Link for all workshops:

Workshop Description: The saying goes that time is like money, and when it comes to college, that is true! In this workshop, we will focus on the many strategies people use to manage time so you can find strategies that work best for you. Included are tips for students who may have challenges with focusing and procrastinating! Location: Zoom
Workshop Description: Whether it’s a midterm of just a short quiz, tests can lead to stress. But it does not have to! This session addresses how you can create a study plan that will make exam prep easier, and we will provide study strategies for optimizing learning. Location: Zoom
Workshop Description: To be resilient is to be able to adapt under challenging conditions. Come learn how to use your past experiences and your strengths to become academically resilient and have a successful semester. We’ll discuss the role of motivation in academic resiliency and help you identify things that are motivating to you and things that can be deter from motivation. Participants will be encouraged to identify aspects of life they have control over and consider things from a new perspective. We will also discuss a variety of academic resources you can utilize at the Academic Success Center to support you in reaching your goals Location: Zoom
Workshop Description: Many believe procrastination is a time management problem, but it actually is an emotional regulation problem. Come learn more about why we procrastinate, how to recognize it, and strategies for changing the habits that lead to procrastination. Location: Zoom