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Fulbright Faculty Committee

Interest Form

Faculty members who join the Fulbright Faculty Committee are asked to read 1-5 Fulbright student applications (the number is entirely up to you!) and provide their feedback during 30 minute interviews held between September 11-22 in URF's offices in Melrose Hall, next to Hodges Library. (Some interviews are conducted on zoom when students don't live locally.)

Please enter your title and department.
Please Indicate the number of Fulbright student interviews that you are willing to attend. (They are each 30 minutes long). If you are not available to help this year, but would like to be invited again in the Fall of 2024, please indicate that preference here.
If you are fluent/near fluent in another language and would be willing to ask 1-2 questions of a student in that language in an interview, please list the language(s) below. This is not required for Fulbright interviewers--it is just helpful to know what is possible if we have a student for whom this would be relevant (90-100% of Fulbright interviews happen in English).
Do your research involve a country or regional specialization? If so, please name them here. Specializations may help us match you with particular students.