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What is UT LEAD?

Mission: The mission of the UT LEAD program is to promote undergraduate success, academic excellence, and persistence to graduation for first-generation college students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

UT LEAD focuses on Leadership, Excellence and Achievement, and Diversity – all first-generation students are invited to participate.

  • Leadership: academic, professional, and community service experiences that empower scholars to become innovative, productive, and engaged global citizens in a culturally diverse society
  • Excellence & Achievement: professional and academic experiences that increase intellectual curiosity, aid in growth and development, and expand social and cultural capital
  • Diversity: the acknowledgement, celebration, and inclusion of similarities and differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs and other ideologies that encompasses acceptance and respect.

Why participate in UT LEAD?

First-Generation Vols are trailblazers and pioneers, and we want you to succeed. UT LEAD scholars participate in a comprehensive academic, social, and cultural program while building relationships with peers, faculty, and staff. These relationships and resources will help you become a part of the UT community and keep you focused on your academic, professional, and personal goals. UT LEAD scholars are rewarded for their hard work with scholarships that contribute to their academic success. As a member of the LEAD community, you will become acclimated to campus life, make new friends, have access to valuable resources, and commit to achieving success.

Contact Us

Email us at or follow us on Instagram at @utlead1