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Our Team

Aaron Dixon, Director

Aaron is the director of the UT Success Academy and leads the initiative designed to increase retention, persistence, and graduation rates of underrepresented students, particularly Men of Color. Aaron enjoys building relationships and working towards the development of student leaders through coordinating campus programs.

Clifton Strengths: Responsibility, Relator, Arranger, Harmony, Includer

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Donovan Johnson, Assistant Director

Donovan Johnson is the assistant director of the UT Success Academy. In this role, his main responsibilities are tracking student progress, UTSA recruitment, and supervision of peer coaches.

Clifton Strengths: Learner, Individualization, Context, Connectedness, Belief

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Juan Cabrera, Coordinator

Juan Cabrera serves as the coordinator for the UT Success Academy. Juan plans events for UTSA scholars to connect with one another and develop a sense of belonging in the program.

Clifton Strengths: Strategic, Command, Significance, Activator, Achiever

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Katrina Alvarez, Academic Coach

Katrina Alvarez is an academic coach for the Academic Success Center, with a focus on the UT Success Academy. In this role, her main responsibilities include guiding students to academic success through coaching, mentorship, and leadership.

Clifton Strengths: Learner, Positivity, Futuristic, Woo, Communication

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Abraham Cervantes, Academic Coach

Abraham Cervantes is a senior academic coach for the Academic Success Center with three years experience in advocating/supporting marginalized and underrepresented students (primarily first-year Black and Hispanic men) with community building.

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Annemarie Bosse, Career Coach for Experiential Learning

Annemarie is the career coach for experiential learning for the UT Success Academy. In this role, her main responsibilities include career programming and individual career coaching.

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