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Originally designed to maximize Black and Hispanic men’s transition to college, the UT Success Academy enhances the undergraduate experience by creating and supporting access and engagement opportunities for student scholars through an innovative four-year cohort experience focused on empowering each student to discover, connect, and lead through their strengths.

At UT, we want to create an environment where UT Success Academy scholars thrive through individualized educational plans, including academic and goal setting, leadership building, and personal wellness, to help each student scholar achieve personal and academic excellence. In collaboration with faculty and staff, we help each student scholar maximize their strengths and understand how their strengths contribute to their academic dreams, career paths, and personal well-being.. 

Learn more about our team:

Aaron Dixon, Director Donovan Johnson, Assistant Director Juan Cabrera, Coordinator

Katrina Alvarez, Academic Coach Abraham Cervantes, Academic Coach

Annemarie Bosse, Career Coach