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Dependent/Spouse Benefits

Benefit Transfer

Chapter 33 Post 9/11

If you have education benefits under Chapter 33 POST 9/11 and would like to transfer them to your spouse or dependents please log onto the DEERS website.

Follow the TEB checklist for step by step instructions on transferring your benefits.

Your child/spouse needs to follow the same checklist to apply and use your benefits.

Child Benefits

Fee extension at UT, priority registration, BAH living stipend, and book stipend. A BAH calculator can be found here to determine full time rate for our zip code (37796).

Spouse Benefits

Fee extension at UT, priority registration, and book stipend. Active duty service members and spouses of active duty service members using transferred entitlement cannot receive BAH, however, Veterans, their spouses and dependents can receive BAH.

Chapter 35 (DEA Assistance)

If you have Chapter 35 (DEA Assistance) please have your child or spouse fill out an updated claim on the VONAPP link  on the GI BILL® website.

Students using Chapter 35 DEA assistance also receive priority registration as well as fee deferment. You will receive a monthly stipend payable directly to you. Click here for rates.