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TN Strong Act FAQs

You have until 90 days past the end of a term to be reimbursed for Tn Strong Act. However, the paperwork to process TN strong can take several weeks. Students are encouraged to turn the packet in as soon as they are registered for classes for the term in which you want to use the strong act reimbursement.

No, this program is a reimbursement to pay for tuition and fees. You will be reimbursed between 2-3 months after the end of the term. This tuition payment is not made at the beginning of the term. You will need to find alternate payment arrangements to pay for the semester up front.

Only if you are in the Army National Guard. Sign up on ArmyIgNited before classes start. If you are Air Force, you still have the option same as the Army to use FTA. For more information speak to your base’s education office. For Assistance with FTA:

Link to Tutorials:

Tuition is usually paid within 3 months from the end of the semester.

Since TN Strong Act is a reimbursement program, tuition is due before the end of the semester. You will receive a Veterans deferment for the term. That deferment date is the last day of regular class.

With the Strong Act paying late, more and more students are having to take out temporary loans. It would be best practice to take out a temporary loan and repay the loan immediately once reimbursed by the Tn strong act.  If acceptance is an issue, there are subsidized/unsubsidized loans offered through the University.

Your payment is due for the semester by the last day of class. TNSA will not reimburse for the current term till after grades have been posted. You will need to pay your balance by the last day of class. Not paying your balance or not working out a payment plan with the bursar before the next term begins will result in your schedule being dropped. Please do not ignore the Bursar emails that you have a payment due.

Yes, the Veterans Success Center will not accept unsigned packets.

The Veterans Success Center website has the most current and up-to-date packet. Our office, nor the Nashville education office will not accept the older version of the packets.

Yes, National Guard members are entitled to both the Strong Act and the Montgomery 1606 GI Bill.

The Montgomery 1606 GI Bill is a version of the GI Bill afforded the TN Guardsmen. You can have a potential kicker associated with your contract to prompt and additional 350 to 450 dollars a month. Depending on eligibility you could earn around 785 dollars a month using this benefit.

Yes! All funding received from scholarships is money in your pocket. Apply for as many as you are eligible, Please visit and click on the scholarships and grants link. Especially keep an eye out for the “Helping Heroes Grant”.

There is now a considerably larger population of Guard members not only at the University of Tennessee, but all over the state. Not to mention when the program was originally debuted it was dedicated to undergraduate degrees, but now it also covers graduate level degrees. With the larger presence of Guardsmen in both undergraduate and graduate programs, the main office in Nashville processes the reimbursement for students at all colleges and universities in Tennessee. This is large amount of paperwork for a small number of staff in Nashville.

MSgt. Joseph Wilson, TNANG  (615) 313-0849

SFC Stephen Biase, TNARNG  (615) 313-0625

Veterans Success Center  865 974 5420