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Guidelines for Registration/Grades

Repeating Courses

You may only repeat a course if:

It is a required course listed in your curriculum in the catalog or on your Degree Audit Report and you received a W, NC or F the first time you took the course, or

You make a C-, D or F and the catalog specifically states that it is required that you have a C or higher in the course.

Major Minor and Elective Courses

All undergraduate students must declare a major after they complete 45 hours

VA will pay for any course required for a major, minor, double major or certification.

ELECTIVES; Please be aware of the number of elective courses you accumulate toward your degree program. Our office is required to check your courses under a degree plan (DARS). If you have exceeded the allowed number of electives or take courses outside your major that do not fit into your degree program the VA will not pay for them and they cannot be certified for enrollment. ONLY COURSES THAT APPLY TO YOUR DEGREE, INCLUDING AN ALLOWED NUMBER OF ELECTIVES CAN BE CERTIFIED.

Unless, you are using them to be applied towards a declared second degree, or declared minor. If a course requires a prerequisite within your degree program the prerequisite can be certified for enrollment.

  • Before enrolling in any Independent Study course through the Office of Continuing Education, consult the Veteran Student Services Office for approval.
  • The Veterans Administration WILL NOT pay for an AUDIT.
  • VA cannot pay any fees specific to studying abroad UNLESS the student is required to study abroad as part of their program or degree plan. Please check with our office before enrolling in a study abroad course. We also require an invoice regarding the course from the department showing a breakdown of charges. VA will only pay for tuition and fees related to study abroad. VA does not pay for meals, lodging, airfare, or other miscellaneous charges related to study abroad.

End of Semester Grades

  • If you receive a grade of a W or NC for a course then we must report those grades to VA each term. It will cause an adjustment for your semester total hours and cost which will result in an overpayment to VA (a student debt).
  • Our office is required to report F’s for non-attendance. This will be checked each semester. If you receive an F due to poor attendance or non-attendance it must be reported to VA and will most likely result in overpayment to VA (a student debt).
  • If you receive additional financial aid, professors must report attendance to the Registrar’s Office, which is checked by the VA Office at the end of every semester. If there is a “stopped attending date” on that report for you, it will reduce your benefit payment and most likely result in overpayment to VA (a student debt).  Therefore, if you are not doing well in a particular course, go ahead and withdraw from it and let our office know. That way the overpayment amount will not be as much as it would be if you wait until the end of the semester to receive a reduction.