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Yellow Ribbon Program

At this time there are only two programs on the UT campus who have an agreement with VA to accept Yellow Ribbon funding.

  • The Haslam College of Business’s Professional Masters programs.
  • The College of Social Work graduate program (MSSW).

No other graduate or undergraduate programs are set up for Yellow Ribbon funding at this time. Please see more information regarding Yellow Ribbon funding below.

Please note that VA only pays in-state tuition. The Yellow Ribbon program is used to fund the out-of-state portion. Generally, under the Post 911 GI Bill®, VA will cover the following:

  • Maintenance Fee
  • Programs & Services Fee
  • Health Fee
  • Library Technology Fee
  • Transportation Fee
  • Facility Fee (In-state portion)
  • Program Fee (In-state portion)

Yellow Ribbon Program

  • How do students apply for the yellow ribbon program at your school? Application is made from the UTK veterans website at Instructions are on the application. Application must be turned in to Veterans Center with students letter of eligibility.
  • How will students be notified that they are accepted into your yellow ribbon program? They are notified by the Veterans Success Center after we have received their letter of eligibility, enrollment form, yellow ribbon application and verified their admission to UTK.
  • If the school limited the number of students in their yellow ribbon program, how will the first-come-first serve students be determined? Applications are turned in to the Veterans center and dated. A list is then sent to the appropriate department awarding the funds.
  • If your school limited the number of students, what documentation will be needed in order to be put on the first-come-first-serve list, if any required? Dated YR application, enrollment form, class schedule, letter of eligibility.
  • How is the YRP money distributed throughout the academic year? YRP money is distributed each semester; (Fall, Spring, Summer).
  • When a student is granted the unrestricted control scholarship/grant used for the yellow ribbon program, how does it work with other unrestricted control scholarship/grants at the school? Yellow ribbon funding is a restricted dollar amount provided each semester towards out of state tuition only
  • How are the students aware of the policies and procedures set at your school? Yellow ribbon FAQ and guidelines available on
  • What is the stated appeal process to follow if the student doesn’t agree with the methods used or decisions made? There is no current appeal process in place. Guidelines for yellow ribbon are set forth by an agreement between the VA and the school. If a student disagrees with the school yellow ribbon policy or procedure, he or she should contact the Veterans Success Center for guidance.
  • How much is the yellow ribbon funding and how is it awarded? The Haslam College of Business will make contributions to a maximum of ten (10) individual students during the academic year, for a maximum amount per student of $10,000 per academic year. These awards will be granted to eligible students on a first-come-first-served basis. The funds are awarded per semester.UT College of Social Work will make contributions to (1) individual student during the academic year, for a maximum amount per student of $3,000 per academic year. These awards will be granted to eligible students on a first-come-first-served basis. The funds are awarded per semester.
  • Do I need to re-apply each semester? No, as long as you maintain continuous enrollment your award will continue until you reach the maximum allowed amount. If you do not receive the YR award for a term because you do not register for courses, are academically dismissed or cannot register due to a student conduct violation or other registration hold, your YR spot may go to the next eligible student on the waiting list and you will have to reapply for YR in future terms.

  • You must be an admitted, Haslam College of Business graduate student, or College of Social Work graduate student in good standing, enrolled in credit bearing courses at UT.

  • You cannot be in academic dismissal status or have a student conduct registration restriction.

  • You must have a Post-9/11 education benefits (Chapter 33) Certificate of Eligibility, showing Yellow Ribbon Program eligibility.

  • You must be a Chapter 33 post 9/11 recipient at 100% entitlement and not on active duty.

Initial Application

Submit the following documents to Veteran Student Services, The University of Tennessee.

Forms may be emailed to, or mailed, faxed, or hand-delivered to:

Veterans Success Center

G020 Hodges Library (Ground Floor)

1015 Volunteer Blvd
Knoxville TN 37996-0200

Phone 865-974-5420

If you have further questions about utilizing your education benefits or the Yellow Ribbon program and VA eligibility, please contact the Veterans Success Center.

If you have questions about the Haslam College of Business’s graduate programs  please contact The Center for Executive Education at 865-974-5001 or