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Congressional Internship Program: Financial Information and Scholarship

The Congressional Internships are unpaid and therefore, nominees of the UT Congressional Internships are provided a stipend to offset the cost of housing and other living expenses in DC. Scholarships are in the amount of $5,000 for summer sessions and $7,500 for semester sessions (fall/spring).

When budgeting, interns should consider housing, transportation, living expenses, and some entertainment or side trips. Past interns have stated that the scholarship amounts are a good estimation of the amount required but keep in mind that some interns will spend less by actively managing their budget, while others will spend more based on discretionary expenses or additional class registration fees. Below are general budgeting guidelines:

Housing Cost in DC

There are many common housing options for interns in DC but the final decision for UT interns is at your discretion. Housing is typically estimated around $2,000-$3,000 for summer and $4,000-$5,000 for semester.

Weekly Miscellaneous Expenses in DC

The amount of money required for any given term in Washington, D.C. will vary greatly from student to student depending on one’s lifestyle and habits. It is generally suggested that interns budget for about $150-$175 per week on miscellaneous living expenses, including food, transportation in D.C., entertainment, etc. Interns are also encouraged to take advantage of the fully equipped kitchens offered in many of the housing options. By grocery shopping and cooking at home rather than frequently eating out, an intern can considerably reduce the cost of living. Also, keep in mind that many of the activities in Washington (including touring the monuments, visiting Smithsonian museums, etc.) are free!

Transportation to DC from Knoxville

Specifically, when considering transportation costs to DC, remember airfare typically runs about $500+ while bus fares can be significantly less. *Students are discouraged from bringing their own cars due to the parking difficulties and costs in DC.

Academic Credit (if applicable)

UT Tuition is determined each year by the Board of Trustees. For the upcoming academic year please see the cost per credit hour at:

Note: Should an intern elect to receive academic credit and is authorized to do so by their academic department, they would calculate their tuition according to number of hours requested.