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Exploratory Advising

About Exploratory Advising

The University Exploratory program is housed in the Center for Career Development and Academic Exploration (CCDAE). Students in the program are advised by Academic & Career Exploration (ACE) Coaches who provide integrated academic and career planning support. The program is intended for students who are still undecided on their major and/or those who are trying to decide among majors that are not in a single college.

This program allows students to explore major options as well as make progress toward graduation through the completion of Vol Core (general education) courses. Exploratory students are required to meet with their ACE Coach every semester. All  students admitted as University Exploratory Fall 2024 or after must declare a major by 45 attempted credit hours. Transfer students with more than 24 transferable hours must be admitted directly into a college.

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The University Exploratory program provides specialized support including:

The University Exploratory program provides opportunities for:


Personal Growth

Exploring interests can contribute to personal growth and development. It allows students to develop critical thinking skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and gain a broader perspective on the world


Informed-Decision Making

Taking the time to explore different academic disciplines can lead to more informed decision-making when it comes to choosing a major. Students may better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, leading to a more thoughtful choice.



Exploratory students will be able to interact with professors and professionals from various fields. This exposure can help them build a diverse network of contacts, which may be beneficial when deciding on a major or future career path.



Exploratory students may develop adaptability and openness to change, as they are exposed to different academic areas. This adaptability can be valuable in a rapidly changing job market where versatile skills are often highly sought after.

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