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Housing & Relocation Resources

If your experiential opportunity requires you to live in another location during the time of your assignment, you may need guidance to accommodations appropriate for your needs. Your employer should be the first source of information and assistance and understand that intern and co-op students often need this type of help when relocating temporarily. Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Review the employer’s website to determine if information is provided.
  • Ask questions regarding housing and relocation information at any time during the process of application, interviewing, and the internship/co-op/job offer. “How have previous interns/fellows/co-ops found housing?” is a simple question that can offer valuable information to ease the decision making and transition process. Note: If you are offered the opportunity, be sure to ask before accepting the offer.
  • Ask any former interns with whom you are acquainted where they and other interns lived during their experience.
  • If your employer does not provide any information or any assistance finding information, the resources below might help.

The UT Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration does not own or maintain the websites listed below, and we have no control over their content. We provide the links as a service to UT students. The center does not expressly or implicitly endorse any service, fee-based or free, and inform you that the content is only a partial list of options. We encourage students to be informed by doing your research and reading the fine print before signing a contract with any service. Review this guide for relocating for internships.

US City-based Resources

International Housing Resources